Mouse Repellents – How to Keep Mice Away

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how to get rid of mice - how to keep mice away

Mice Repellents


Peppermint is a natural repellent for mice. Fill a few open containers with peppermint extract and leave around entrance areas. Or you can try dipping a few cotton balls in peppermint extract and stick in crevices, baseboards and other entry points. (Extra benefit is it smells nice and fresh in your home).

Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets

Bounce has an oleander fragrance that repels mice as well. So stick a few new and unused fabric softener sheets in crevices and entry points to keep mice away.


Mice are also known to be repelled by Mothballs. You can place these around cracks, crevices, baseboards and entry points to help keep mice as well.

Steel Wool

Plug entry ways with steel wool. Mice have a very hard time chewing through it and usually will not bother and move on.

Used Kitty Litter

Placing used kitty litter in bowls around entrance areas will help keep mice away as well. Cats are their natural enemy and they will not go near areas where they think a cat might reside.

Air Tight Containers

One of the best ways to keep mice away is to not give them a reason to be there in the first place. Be sure to use airtight containers for storing grains, cereals, cookies and any other foods that might attract mice because they can easily gnaw through cardboard boxes.

Baiting Mousetraps

Peanut Butter

Crafty mice have the ability to get cheese out of a trap without setting it off. Baiting your trap with peanut butter however, sticks to the trap and will draw mice right in.

Cotton Balls

Mice love to use the batten for their nests. Tie a cotton ball to your mouse trap with a small piece of thread – as the mouse goes to pull on it – trap will go off.


Gumdrops will not get moldy sitting in a trap for any length of time so it is also good bait for mouse traps.

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