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How to Remove Nail Polish Without Nail Polish Removers | Household Remedies
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How To Remove Nail Polish without Nail Polish Remover

Try Clear Polish

If you find yourself in a pinch without Nail Polish Remover, try applying a coat of clear polish over your old nail polish and wipe entire nail with a paper towel. The old polish comes up with new polish. Be sure to do only one nail at a time however so the clear polish does not have time to dry.

Hair Spray

Many hair sprays contain acetone – the most active ingredient in Nail polish remover. Simply spray nails with a hair spray that contains acetone (example: Alberto VO5 hairspray) and wipe nails clean. Then wash hands with soap and water.

Rubbing Alcohol

Using rubbing alcohol can also help remove polish in a pinch, but should not be used often because it can dry out nails and skin around nails when used on a long term basis. It might take a little more scrubbing than usual as well, but it works in an emergency.

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