How to Keep Deer Away From Home or Garden

deer repellent - how to keep deer away

Try Soap

One of the easiest and least expensive remedies you can try to repel deer from your home, plants or gardens is by using deodorant soap. Dial or Irish Mist – any type of soap that has a strong scent will do. Some say just keep the wrapper on and place around trees or plants – others say unwrap the soap – put it in a cut up nylon stocking and hang in strategic areas. In either case it works – deers don’t like the smell.

Human Hair

Deers are also naturally repelled by the smell of human or dog hair. You can get human hair from a local hair salon or dog hair (obviously) from a shedding dog. Place these in
nylon stockings and place around targeted areas that you are trying to protect as well.


Not just for walking downstairs anymore, Slinky’s are also work well as deer deterrents. Drape a few metal slinkys around the perimeter of the garden or across fence posts, branches, etc. Both the sound and the shiny reflection scare deer, click this link for more information. (They also make for a creative border.)

Motion Detector

A motion detector is another inexpensive yet effective way to keep deer away. Simply set up a motion detector at a lower level than usual (about 2 or 3 feet off the ground) aimed at the path the deer normally take to get in your garden. The light will usually startle them enough to keep them away.

Fishing Line

Cording off the area with fishing line is also a great deer deterrent because deer don’t usually see it but get spooked when they walk into it and will usually take off.

Egg Wash

You can try mixing one slightly beaten egg with one quart of water and putting it into a spray bottle. Then simply spray onto any plants the deer might eat. You need to keep on top of this one however. You will need to reapply after every rain or about every four to five days in dry weather.

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