How to Fix or Repair Eyeglasses

clean eyeglasses

Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Eyeglasses

Bounce Fabric Softeners Sheets

Cleaning your eyeglasses with a clean used Bounce Fabric Softener sheet is not only a great way to clean your glasses but it great way to repel future dust for awhile. The antistatic element of sheets prevents dust from sticking in eyeglasses for some time. (It is great way to reuse fabric softener sheet.)

White Vinegar

A drop or two of white vinegar will your lenses sparkling again (however not use on plastic lenses)

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes work great in pinch. They will help clean off grime on eyeglasses.

Coffee Filters

Coffee Filters are great for cleaning eyeglasses because they will not leave any lint behind. They are also inexpensive enough that you can use them daily if you choose.


Wiping your glasses with a clean cloth dampened in vodka will not only clean the glasses but will kill germs as well.


It is always best to try and rinse your glasses with water before cleaning them to avoid scratching the lenses with tiny particles. Then you can dry them with a lint-free cotton cloth.

Defogging Eyeglasses


Strangely enough you can create a thin film on eyeglass lenses that will rebel precipitation by rubbing a dab of Colgate toothpaste (the regular flavor paste variety) then wash them clean with water.

Shaving Cream

Shaving cream in another great deterrent for foggy eyeglasses (works well for defogging bathroom mirrors as well). Simply rub a small dab of shaving cream on both sides of lenses and gently wipe clean in circular motion.


Another way to keep eyeglasses fog-free is pledge. Gently spray a little pledge on lenses then gently wipe clean.

Repairing Broken Eyeglasses in an Emergency


Toothpicks work great is you lose a screw from your eyeglasses. Simply place a toothpick in the hole to hold them temporarily until you can get them fixed.

Clear Nail Polish

To keep eyeglasses screws from loosening, or if you have screws that are already loose, simply apply a small drop of clear nail polish on them to hold them in place.

Dental Floss or String

Another solution for a lost screw in eyeglasses is tie piece of dental floss or thread through hole until you can get replacement screws.

Scotch Tape

Place piece of scotch tape over a broken or cracked lens to temporarily hold it together until can be fixed.

Scratches on Eyeglasses


For light scratches on your plastic glasses, pledge again might the trick. Be sure to rinse and clean your glasses first. The apply little pledge and wipe off with soft cloth (like t-shirt).

Armor Etch

This is another remedy for scratches in PLASTIC eyeglasses. You can find Armor Etch in most craft stores or online. It removes the AR coating completely from glasses which is quite often reason for scratches. DO NOT USE HOWEVER ON GLASS!

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