Getting Rid of Ants – How to Get Rid of Ants

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Try Crayola Chalk

Strangely enough ants will not cross a chalk line. Crayola is a great chalk to use because the chalk sticks are so thick, but any chalk used liberally should do. Simply draw thick lines around doors, window frames and other entry points.

Dawn Dishwashing Liquid

This solution will kill ants instantly. Simply mix ¼ teaspoon of Dawn Dishwashing Liquid and two cups of water in a trigger-spray bottle and spray the ants.

Red Pepper

Red pepper repels ants. Simply sprinkle some red pepper in any crevices by entrance points where ants might enter. That’ll show ‘em!

Table Salt

Salt is another natural repellent of ants. Ants will usually not cross over salt so you can either sprinkle regular table salt in areas that you do not want them entering or try mixing a fair amount of salt with water, putting in a spray bottle and spraying around windows, doors and other entering areas. This will help keep ants of the house.


Ants seem to dislike Cinnamon as much as salt and pepper. Simply sprinkle cinnamon around places that the ants might be entering and you will find them reducing in number very quickly!

Minute Rice or White Rice

If ant hills are a problem for you, this is the perfect pesticide-free solution. Simply sprinkle uncooked white rice over the anthill. The ants will take the rice back to their colony to eat, but the rice will swell in their stomachs which will kill the whole nest.

Instant Grits

Instant Grits work similar to the white rice mentioned above. Simply pour it over an ant hill. When eaten it will swell their stomachs and kill the colonies

Real Lemon or Lemon Juice

Putting lemon juice around your window sills and door entrances will keep ants away as well.

20 Mule Team Borax and Domino Confectioners Sugar

Do not use this remedy if you have pets or young children because the Borax is toxic. It is however, an excellent killer of ants. Simply combine equal amounts of Borax and confectionary sugar and place it at ant entrance areas such as doorways or window sills and a generous amount near known ant hills. This is another “treat” they will bring back to their nest which will kill all that live there.

To Keep the Ants off the Plants

This is a fairly simple solution. Simply place duct tape sticky side up around house plants. It is usually enough to stop them from reaching the plant.

Try Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets – (Debated)

This household remedy has gotten some pretty mixed reviews. Some people swear it works, others say it doesn’t at all. Maybe it depends on the ants? But either way it couldn’t hurt to give it a shot. Supposedly ants will stay away from Fabric softener sheets so try placing a few of them around ant entrance areas. If it doesn’t work – simply place the bounce in the bottom of a wastebasket or inside smelly shoes to keep them smelling fresh so the sheets aren’t wasted.

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