How to Get Rid of Car Smoke Smell

How to Get Cigarette Smoke Smell Out of Car

Open The Windows

This probably sounds obvious but the more air the better. Open all the windows and leave them all open overnight if possible.

Vacuum Rug and Upholstery

The next step is to get as much as the surface clean as possible. Vacuum the carpet rug and the upholstery on your seats.

If you have leather seats clean them with a good leather cleaner.

Wash Windows

Again, this is still surface cleaning. You can use Windex or home made window cleaner. Be sure to also do the dashboard and steering wheel.

Clean the Lights

Interior lights attract smoke. Anytime the light goes back on, the smoke smell is redistributed back into the car, so be sure to clean the interior lights as well.

White Vinegar

Put a bowl or two of vinegar in the car overnight. The white vinegar will greatly help to get rid of odor.

Coffee Grounds

Used coffee grounds can also work wonders in getting rid of smoke odor in car. Place grounds in bowels or tie securely in a coffee filter and leave in different places around the car for approximately 24 hours.

Try Citrus Peels or Apples

You can toss a bunch of citrus peels around the car or you can slice up some apples, put them in open bowls and place them around the car. They are both natural odor absorbers.

Bowls of Charcoal

BBQ Charcoal is another great odor absorber. Simply place a few unused charcoals in bowls around the car for 24 hours and the odor should be gone.


Febreze Odor Remover works well for cars that have a light cigarette smoke smell. Simply spray on upholstery and carpets.

Vamoose Spray

While Vamoose might be a little on the pricey side, when it comes to getting rid of the cigarette smoke smell from a car nothing works better. Vamoose permanently eliminates the smell of cigarette smoke and other tobacco odors by eliminating the nicotine and tar residue that is deposited from smoke.

(There is a strange smell when you first use it as it interacts with the tar residue but this will disappear very quickly.)

New Car Smell Spray

Vamoose also sells a “new car smell” spray that complements the Vamoose Odor Remover. Most customers swear that the mixture of the two works miracles and really does make the car smell like new. You do not need the Vamoose New Car Smell spray however for the Odor Remover to be effective. There are also cheaper “new car smell” sprays that you can purchase that will probably work just as well.

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