How To Get Rid of Ketchup Stains

How to Get Out Ketchup Stains

Liquid Dish Detergent

To remove ketchup stains from clothing, tablecloths or carpets make sure to blot up ketchup stain as soon as possible with a clean white cloth, towel, or paper towel. Then stir one ¼ teaspoon of liquid dishwaster detergent in one cup of cool water. Dip another clean cloth in solution and re-blot stained area. Repeat as many times as necessary until stain is gone, then rinse with clear cool water on another clean rag.

White Vinegar

Blot (do not scrub because stain will spread) ketchup stain immediately with a clean white, cloth or towel – then either pour white vinegar on stain or dip another white cloth in vinegar and continue to blot stain until it is clear. Then rinse with cold water and continue blotting with another clean white cloth.

Baking Soda

Pour some baking soda on the stain and let sit for 5 minutes. You can then rinse with white vinegar. Leave for a few more minutes then blot with cool water on a clean white cloth or towel until stain is gone.

Soda Water

Soda Water is also great for removing ketchup stains. Blot as much of the ketchup as you can with a clean cloth. Then pour or dab soda water until stain is gone (remember to blot – not rub because you do not want to spread the stain.

How to Unclog a Ketchup Bottle

To unclog or get the flow moving on a newly opened ketchup bottle, stick a straw in it.
Sticking a straw all the way into the bottle will add air. Then remove the straw and begin pouring.

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