How to Open a Stuck Nail Polish Bottle Top

Nail Polish Remover

Soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover – hold your nail polish bottle upside down – and squeeze the liquid from the e cotton ball into the bottom of the cap. Doing this around the whole cap should loosen it enough to open.

Warm Water

Try immersing the nail polish bottle upside down in warm water so warm water seeps into the cap. This could also help loosen it enough to open it.

Petroleum Jelly

To prevent further sticking of nail polish bottle caps rub the threads on the rim of the bottle with Petroleum Jelly.

Use Slight Force

If none of the above works, then you might need to use gentle force. Get a pair of pliers and hold the top of the bottle with the pliers. Then grab a towel (for some traction) and grab the bottom of the bottle with your other hand. Twist the bottom half of the bottle while holding the top steady with the pliers.

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