How To Quick Dry Nail Polish

Ice Water or Cold Water

To dry your nails quicker try plunging your polished nails into ice water or running them under very cold water. Let hands air dry or you might smudge polish.

Pam Cooking Spray

Spraying Nails with Pam Cooking Spray after you apply the last coat is also good for drying nails quickly. Simply spray on nails, wait for them to dry then gently wash your hands with soap and water. If possible let hands air dry.

Buy a Nail Drying Spray

Many beauty shops and online stores sell quick drying nail spray that can be sprayed on after the last coat.

Invest in a Nail Dryer

For those of you that polish often but are also very busy, a nail dryer such as the ones that are used in salons can be purchased for a reasonable price.

Purchase Fast Drying Nail Polish or Fast Drying Top Coat

More and more manufacturers are coming out with faster drying nail polishes. If lack of time is a common problem, it might be in your best interest to purchase one of these fast drying polishes or you can purchase a fast drying clear topcoat that you can use on top of any nail color.

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