How To Remove Rust Stains From Clothes

Lemon Juice and Salt

An easy way to remove rust from clothing is to liberally apply some lemon juice to the stain and then sprinkle a fair amount of salt on top of it. Then either lay or hang the item out to dry in the sun. When dry, launder as usual. (Just be sure that the clothing item is colorfast – you might want to try on a seam to ensure no discoloration)

Cream of Tarter

Cream of Tarter can also get rust stains out of clothes. Simply cover the stain with cream of tarter. Roll the item up tightly and soak in a bucket or basin filled with hot water and leave for about an hour. Then launder the item as usual.

White Vinegar and Salt

White vinegar works similar to the lemon juice method mentioned above. Saturate the stain with white vinegar and then cover the stain with salt. Lay out or hang the item out to dry in the sun – then wash item as usual.


Strangely enough Rhubarb works for removing rust stains from clothes as well. Boil some rhubarb for about twenty minutes. Take the stalks out of the water and carefully place the stained item in. Soak the item in the rhubarb water until the rust stains come out or have mostly disappeared – then wash item as usual.

Commercial Rust Removers For Clothes

There are a couple of commercial rust removers that you can purchase is rust on clothes is a common problem in your home. Rust Remover For Clothes, Whink Rust Stain Remover for Fabrics or Super Iron Out are all products made specifically to remove rust stains from clothes and fabrics.

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