Pet Hair Removal – How to Clean Pet Hair

how to get rid of pet hair


Don’t waste those used sheets of bounce if you own a pet. Used bounce sheets are great for cleaning pet hair from furniture or clothes (this pet vet app will give you more information on that). Simply wipe areas with pet hair or fur with the used bounce sheets. The sheets act like a magnet and will attract all of the hair.

Playtex Gloves

Playtex gloves are another great way to get rid of pet hair. Simply fill a bucket with water and slip on a pair of the gloves. Dip your hands into the water, wipe the area that has the pet hair, then redip your hands back in the water. The pet hair will stick to the wet rubber of the gloves, and the water in the bucket will rinse them off.

Damp Hands

If you don’t happen to have rubber gloves available a damp hand will work as well. Dampen hand lightly then run over the pet hair in a downward motion. Wash off pet hair and repeat as often as needed.


Very lightly wet a kitchen sponge and run it over the area that has cat hair or dog hair. If you keep pulling the sponge towards you the fur will ball up making it easier to for to remove the clumps from the sponge to throw away.

Velcro Curlers

Using Velcro curlers is another easy way to pick up pet hair. Just as the curlers easily hold human hair in its hook and loop design, it will also pick up pet hair. Reserve one of your Velcro curlers just for cleaning pet hair whenever you need it.

Packing Tape

Large rolls of packing tape work well for cleaning grey cat breeds pet hair as well. Simply wrap the tape around your hand with the sticky side facing out. Then run the tape over affected areas. It picks up the hair easily.

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