Dusting Tips and Tricks

Dusting Tips and Tricks

Bounce Fabric Softener

Bounce Fabric Softener can work wonders when it comes to dusting because the antistatic properties in Bounce help eliminate the static electricity that attracts dust. So the sheets not only help you dust now, but also prevents dust from collecting for longer periods of time.

Even better is the fact that you can use them for dusting after they have been used in the dryer so it is a money saver not having to purchase other types of throwaway dusters.

Acrylic Furniture, blinds, dashboards, framed artwork (covered in glass), lampshades, shutters and television screens can all be dusted with used Bounce sheets. And if you think you have bought the best teak dining set from that clearance sale, then it only accentuates the importance of using Bounce sheets on the dining set, lest that they start accumulating dust.


While pledge is made specifically for polishing wood furniture, if you are still looking for a furniture set, you can now transform your living room with a solid oak coffee table.

For dusty polyester flowers and trees, simply saturate a sponge with pledge and wipe down petals and leaves which will leave them with a “healthy” shine.

For ceiling fans, you can coat the blades with Pledge then buff with a clean cloth to help minimize dust in the future.

Morton Salt

Another great way to clean dust from silk or polyester flowers is to use table salt. Put flowers in a paper bag and add about 1 cup of Morton salt (other table salts will do just as well). Then close the bag and shake gently. The salt will grab the dust and have your flowers looking as good as new.


Windex or glass cleaner is another thing you can use to get leaves on polyester flowers and trees shiny again. Simply spray windex on leaves and wipe with a clean cloth.

Liquid Fabric Softener

Similar to fabric softener sheets, liquid fabric softener also prevents dust from settling.

To clean a television with fabric softener, mix two ounces of fabric softener with one cup of water, dampen a clean rag or cloth and wipe down your television screen.

To clean glass tabletops and help them repel dust, mix ½ cup of fabric softener with two cups of water, put in a spray bottle, spray on a soft clean cloth and the wipe the glass.

Clean Paintbrush

To clean off dust from mini blinds, pleated shades or louvered doors simply swipe a new paintbrush across them vertically and horizontally. Then clean the brush with a paper towel or beat it against a railing outside to get the dust out and ready for next usage.

A clean paintbrush will also work well for dusting dirty air vents.

Tennis Ball

A tennis ball to remove dust? Not really, but it is great to remove cobwebs in far corners. Simply wrap a tennis ball in an old nylon stocking, an old bounce softener sheet or a clean cloth, secure with rubber bands and gently toss it up at web. Just be careful to move anything that can get broken if you miss catching it. Good way to keep entertained while cleaning though.

Blow Dryer

Using a blow dryer is another good way to creatively dust tough areas. The real trick however is to catch the dust and not spread it all around the room. Try dampening a towel or cloth with cool water and placing it behind the item to collect dust as you point the blow dryer at it.

This is a great way to clean radiators or smaller knick-knacks.

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