How To Fix a Stuck Zipper

How To Fix a Stuck Zipper - how to unstick a zipper

How To Fix An Already Stuck Zipper

If you have a zipper that is already stuck because it slid up crookedly, this could get a little tricky – but it is not impossible.

Bar Soap

Try rubbing some bar soap along both sides of the zipper. Get a study grip on the end with the stopper (not sure of the technical name but it is the square metal on the bottom. The zipper side without the stopper is the one you are going to try and pull back through. You might need to grip the stopper with pliers and hold with one hand – while using your other hand to pull the skinny or “free” end through.

Pencil Lead

Sometimes rubbing the teeth with pencil lead will help free the skinny or “free” end (the one without metal square and zipper pull). Again you might need pliers to help secure the metal square side while trying to pull the other side through.

Work It With Patience

Sometimes patience and simply working it up and down will do the trick. This may even require working one tooth on each side at a time. But if you are truly stuck in your garment, you may have no choice. Try moving a tooth at a time through the catch.


Sometimes a little WD-40 will help loosen teeth of zipper to pull free end through. Be very careful with this remedy however because if you get it on the fabric of clothing item it could ruin it.

How to Prevent Stuck Zippers

Some of the following remedies can also help fix currently stuck zippers, but these work extremely well in preventing them. If you have a zipper that you know tends to stick or has a hard time sliding – these remedies work perfectly to prevent the situation listed up above.


For stubborn zippers that get stuck or are hard to slide, simply coat front and back with some Chapstick. The wax in Chapstick will help lubricate the zipper to have it gliding easily and will even prevent it from rusting.


Wax crayons such as Crayola can also get a zipper gliding smoothly again. White is probably the best color if you have it available. Simply rub both sides of the zipper with the crayon.

Ivory Soap

Putting Ivory soap on both sides of the zipper teeth is another way to get zippers to slide easier.

Petroleum Jelly

Using a petroleum jelly such as Vaseline can also help to unstuck zippers or keep them sliding smoothly. And only a small bit is needed.

To Help Zippers Stay

Hair Spray

If you have a zipper that opens a little too easily, a little spray of hair spray will give the teeth more traction and help it stick.

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