How To Remove Urine Smell From Mattress

Baking Soda

Baking Soda is one of the most effective remedies for helping to remove urine odors from mattresses because it is a natural odor absorber. If the area has already dried, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the area and let it sit for a couple of hours. If the smell is particularly strong, you might want to let it sit longer. Then vacuum away. If it doesn’t work, then it’s tiem to buy a new mattress via Just Right Mattress Outlet who are simply the best and will never disappoint you in quality and the lifetime of the product.

Club Soda and Baking Soda Combo

Another baking soda remedy for a urine smell in mattress involves using club soda as a pre-wash. After blotting up the wet urine stain as much as possible, pour some club soda over the area and immediately blot it again. Then, when the spot has dried completely (you can place a fan on the bed directed at spot to hurry this process), cover it with the baking soda. Leave for an hour or two, then vacuum.


Febreeze works different from other deodorizers because it neutralizes and eliminates odors as opposed to simply covering them up. Remove sheets from mattress – spray a generous amount of Febreeze over the affected area (spray enough where you feel the mattress getting damp to ensure it really sinks in) and then let it dry for a couple of hours. When dry, you can replace the sheets.

White Vinegar

White Vinegar can also help remove urine odor from mattresses. Blot up as much of the urine as possible then flush urine spot generously with warm water. Mix equal parts of white vinegar with cool water, spray liberally on the urine spot, then blot very well again. Place a fan on or next to the mattress for quicker drying – of if the mattress is small enough to move – place it outdoors in the sun until dry. Sleep Essentials has the motion 500 with tilt which helps the houseowner to tilt the bed to any direction and no need to separate it from the cot.

Professional Enzyme Cleaner

There are quite a few Professional Enzyme Cleaners made specifically for removing urine stains and odors. Nature’s Miracle is one of the most popular cleaners, but Baby Stinky Odor Away, Kids N’ Pets and Urine Gone are also popular and effective brands.

Diluted Beach

Diluted bleach combined with water can not only help to remove urine smells but urine stains as well. Simply dilute some bleach with water in a spray bottle and liberally spray the solution on the stain. Wait until it has completely dried and see if any odor remains. If it does, repeat the process.

Use a Steam Carpet/Furniture Cleaner

Steam Cleaners are specifically made to clean deep down into furniture and carpets and they work well for removing urine smells and stains from mattresses as well.

There are quality portable steam cleaners that you can purchase for approximately $100 such as the Bissel Steam Cleaner – or if you are looking for a cheaper option, there are steam carpet/furniture cleaners that you can rent by the day from places such as Home Depot or a local food store.

To Avoid Further Incidences

There are a couple of things you can do to protect your mattress in the future if bedwetting is a frequent occurrence.

Waterproof Mattress Protectors

Waterproof Mattress Protectors are probably one of the best investments you can make when it comes to protecting mattresses from urine accidents . Not only do they prevent urine from damaging mattresses but they also prevent other liquid spills, dust mites and allergins from getting into mattresses as well. They come in all sizes for all mattresses and if an bedwetting accident does occur you can simply throw the protector in the washing machine.

Glad Trash Bags

If an emergency, thicker trash bags like Glad trash bags will serve as a mattress protector. (This is for older children or adults only – do not use in crib or toddler beds) Cut the bags down the sides, place on top of the mattress – secure with large tape such as masking or packing tape, and then place sheet over it.

Scotchguard Fabric Proctector Spray

Just as scotch guarding furniture helps make it waterproof and stain proof, it works well for protecting mattresses from urine smells and stains as well. Simply spray it the mattress liberally with Scotchguard Fabric Protector Spray.

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